The following certificate was issued as a non-fungible token on: 1/5/2022 12:34:51 AM UTC

Contracts Scanned: Ricnatum, Ownable, Context
Token ID: 0c7708c7ce

Token URL: https://www.rugscreen.com/scan/certificate?tokenid=0c7708c7ce
Scanned By: 0xAf9c8F5F2b42415FE4B1530A3cd63BB3BEe93925         
Contract Address: 0xd676c90a3979e73dffb61f7a8608234781fc9cf8
Scanned On: 1/5/2022 12:34:51 AM
Scanned From IP Address:
Score: 0.0250


This certificate only applies to the specific contracts scanned.

Scan started at: 1/5/2022 12:35:09 AM UTC
33,494 total comparisons made for this scan.
Transfer function contains: comparison of from/to/sender/recipient to non-zero address: 0.025 points
Mitigating factor: Comparison to swapV2Pair
0.025 Points. Probably Not A Rug