The following certificate was issued as a non-fungible token on: 1/22/2023 9:42:34 AM UTC

Contracts Scanned: AutomatedIncomeMachine, Ownable, Context
Token ID: 79b31f0f23

Token URL: https://www.rugscreen.com/scan/certificate?tokenid=79b31f0f23
Scanned On: 1/22/2023 9:42:34 AM
Scanned From IP Address:
Score: 0.1500


This certificate only applies to the specific contracts scanned.

Scan started at: 1/22/2023 9:43:10 AM UTC
28,415 total comparisons made for this scan.
Contract contains: a function that can change the router after launch: 0.15 points
Mitigating factor: Warning: This token is actively managed and requires trust.
Ask yourself if you trust the developer to change the router and potentially disable all sales.
Token Devs: Renounce ownership to improve your score.

0.15 Points. Probably Not A Rug