The following certificate was issued as a non-fungible token on: 6/4/2023 5:51:22 PM UTC

Contracts Scanned: Smiley, SMILEY, ERC20, Ownable, Context
Token ID: ca70bfb7ea

Token URL: https://www.rugscreen.com/scan/certificate?tokenid=ca70bfb7ea
Contract Address: 0x4C6E2c495b974b8d4220E370F23c7e0e1da9b644
Scanned On: 6/4/2023 5:51:22 PM
Scanned From IP Address:
Score: 0.0000


This certificate only applies to the specific contracts scanned.

Scan started at: 6/4/2023 5:51:24 PM UTC
8,992 total comparisons made for this scan.
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